Press for The Phantom of the Opera:

Although Christine steals the role in the opera that belongs to Carlotta, the resident prima donna, Samantha Ricchiuti stole the show.–Jessica Spoll,

Samantha Ricchiuti, as the opera house’s diva star, Carlotta, truly shone. Drawing laughs with ease, she carried undeniable charisma.–Elliah Heifetz, The Montgomery News

The moment Samantha Ricchiuti, as Carlotta, stepped on stage, she captivated the audience with her talented vocal presentation.–Devon Gibbs,

Press for The Rehoboth Summer Children’s Theatre:

..watching them [Ricchiuti and McCormick] work is an education in acting as a craft–Tony Russo, The Seaford Morning Star

A tour de force!–Rehoboth Beach Paper

​A wealth of skill and imagination.–Rehoboth Beach Paper